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Paradise Lane SAL: Week 7

Paradise Lane Quilt Sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean  
Welcome back to the Paradise Lane Sew-along (SAL)!!!  
Just joining us?  Catch yourself up on previous posts:
Together, we're finishing our Small Throw quilt top this week!!  Can you believe we're finished!  Great job!  Time to celebrate with a happy dance!!
It's Week 7, and we are picking our quilt layout and sewing the top together. 

We are going to start by choosing what we want our quilt layout to be.  

I start by "randomly" laying out my quilt blocks.  "Random" is in quotes because if I notice two prints right next to each other, I tend to replace them right away.
Once they are laid out randomly, I step back and take a picture both in color and in black and white.  The black and white picture helps me spread out saturation as well as color.  
Once you are happy with the final layout, sew your columns together following the instructions on page 9 of the pattern.  
Due to the off-set layout of the flowers, when you are sewing your center seam of the throw quilt, there will not be seams that line up.  To make it a bit easier, I like to lay the pieces on the floor where I can lay them out and work on the alignment as I pin.
Then, once you sew that final center seam, take a step back and admire your lovely quilt top :)
Paradise Lane Quilt Sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean


Optional Instagram Post and this week's prize!

Post a picture using #paradiselanesal before midnight on Sunday, July 18, 2021, of your progress to be entered to win this week's prize!  
This week's prize - the final prize of the sew-along - is a $50 gift card to Saltwater Fabrics!!  I'm super excited about this prize - Rachel has a wonderful shop with tons of great fabrics!!
Make sure your account is public so that I can see your post!  Good luck!!
Happy Sewing!!
Paradise Lane Quilt Sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean

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