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Paradise Lane SAL: Week 2

Paradise Lane Quilt sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean
Welcome back to the Paradise Lane Sew-along (SAL)!!!  
Together, we'll continue making our Small Throw quilt tops over the next six weeks.  Feel free to work ahead or behind; these blog posts will always be here for reference.
It's Week 2, and we're mixing and matching!!  
Following the instruction in your pattern for what is required for each block, layout your larger pieces on a table or surface large enough to see them all, then start adding your smaller pieces making sure you have a good mix of block styles.
By that I mean that you have a good mix of high contrast blocks, low contrast block, and coordinating blocks. 
Paradise Lane Quilt sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean   
Having a good mix will help build movement in your finished quilt.  For my fabric pull, I went monochromatic with slight color variation, so I'm mostly checking the color saturation for contrast.  
Saturation is usually easier to see when you snap a picture and then change it to black & white only.  Then, you'll see the grayscale come though. 
Paradise Lane Quilt sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean
Now the blocks with a black and white filter.
Paradise Lane Quilt sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean
Play around with your blocks taking pictures as you go.  Once you're happy with your mixing, you're finished for the week!  Yay!
Paradise Lane Quilt sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean

Optional Instagram Post and this week's prize!

Post a picture using #paradiselanesal before midnight on Sunday, June 13, 2021, of your fabric pull to be entered to win this week's prize!  
This week's prize is a set of cold processed handmade soap.  These soaps were a favorite during last year's sew-along!!
Make sure your account is public so that I can see your post!  Good luck!!
Next week:
For those who like to work ahead, next week we will begin sewing our blocks.  If you have any directional fabrics, you might want to wait until Week 4 when I talk about how I deal with directional prints for this pattern.
Next week (Week 3) I'll be talking about the rectangle point of the flower a bit for those who are nervous about rectangles. 
Happy Sewing!!

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