The Willetta Quilt Pattern is here!!

Meet the Designer!

Hello! I’m Jenni - the maker and designer behind Nollie Bean.  I have always felt compelled to create.  Even as a young girl, I would draw, sew, and make jewelry any chance that I found.

My love for fabric started when I was quite young. I dabbled with sewing off and on throughout the years making skirts, purses, totes and pouches, but - like many other quilters - I made my first quilt when my son was quite young and was HOOKED!  You mean I get to use how much fabric and all the pretty colors!?!?

Quilting and pattern design also lets me exercise one of my other favorite things…math! :) 

I’ve always been drawn to the natural world around me - born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, I find inspiration in the colors, plant life and wildlife in the surrounding desert. 

My goal is to inspire others to make functional works of art that bring delight and provide a sense of fulfillment.

Fun Fact: The inspiration behind the name comes from my son and the best doggie ever!

Nollie + Bean - Meet the DesignerNollie + Bean - meet the designer