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State Avenue Quilt - The Pink Lemonade One

State Avenue Quilt Pattern
This particular quilt will always hold a special place in my heart!  Not only am I in love with how it turned raised $400 in Mr. Domestic's Fundraiser to support anti-racist organizations.  I was so excited to ship the quilt off to its new, generous home :)
Long before the fundraiser came about, I purchased a Pink Lemonade fat quarter bundle from FabricBubb for two reasons.  First, you know I'm a sucker for Rifle and her beautiful hydrangeas print was part of the bundle.  And secondly, I've never worked with a pink and yellow palette and wanted to give it a go. 
State Avenue Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean
Then another fun challenge emerged. I wanted to make the small throw size quilt using only the fat quarter bundle and background fabric.  This was actually an easy adjustment to make!
For this size, the corners require 1/2 yard as well as the binding.  You need 10 fat quarters or quarter yards for the blocks and this bundle came with 14 - perfect!!  First, I picked the 10 that I wanted to mix and match for the block.  Then I selected two more to replace my 1/2 for the corners, then I used the remaining two to replace the 1/2 yard needed for the binding! 
State Avenue Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean
Then, since half the blocks had one fabric or the corners and half had the second fabric, I was careful with placement when I was laying the blocks out.  I wanted to create a secondary pattern by alternating colors.
State Avenue Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean
And this backing fabric is seriously the cutest and complemented the top so well.  This is seriously one of my favorite quilts!!
State Avenue Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean
Then, when creating the binding, I alternated between the two fabrics when sewing together.  I had so much fun sewing this quilt!
State Avenue Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean

Want to make a State Avenue Quilt of your own?  Get the pattern!

You can also learn more about the inspiration behind the pattern here.


State Avenue Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean

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