The Willetta Quilt Pattern is here!!

Cinnabar Quilt: The Desert Jewel One

Cinnabar Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean.

You can find the Cinnabar Quilt Pattern here!!

This was the second Cinnabar quilt that I made, and I wanted to pick fun colors that represented the desert that helped inspire the pattern. 

You can learn more about the inspiration for this quilt pattern here.

Cinnabar Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean

The fabric pull is a fun mix of Ruby Star Society, Kona Cotton, Art Gallery Fabrics, and Dear Stella in neutral desert tones with a pop of deep purple.  Not pictured is the background fabric in Kona Natural and the binding in Speckled by Ruby Star Society.

Cinnabar Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean

The Throw size of this pattern comes together pretty quickly and creates a fun secondary pattern in the center of the blocks.  

I had recently purchased a quilting ruler and decided this was going to be the quilt to give that a try with.  Like any time we try a new quilting technique, I was nervous and dispaired just a couple rows in.  I was going for clamshell quilting, and many of the clamshells were a bit wonky.  I powered through knowing that practice makes perfect.

Once I was finished and stepped back, I really liked the quilting.  It's definitely full of mistakes and wonky bits, but my son loves the quilt and I like the quilting enough to give it another try on a different quilt at some point.

Cinnabar Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean

I used some fun and bright owls to back the quilt.  These owls are the cutest!  The fabric is an older Cotton + Steel fabric designed by Sarah Watts and I had been waiting for the perfect project to use them.  The quilt was finished with some big stitch binding. :)

Cinnabar Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean

We took the Cinnabar quilts out to the piece of desert by my grandmother's house that helped inspire the pattern to take some pictures.  

This has been one of the hottest - if not the hottest - summer here in Phoenix and it took a particularly brutal toll on the desert.  Even creosote plants that survive in some pretty harsh conditions had turned to brittle, dry twigs.  Temperatures are finally starting to break, but there still isn't any rain in our forecast and I'm hoping that changes this winter.

Thank you so much for reading along!  I hope you enjoy this quilt and the Cinnabar Quilt Pattern!

Cinnabar Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean 

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