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Cinnabar Quilt Pattern

Cinnabar Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean

You can find the Cinnabar pattern here!!

I'm super excited to release by 5th quilt pattern - the Cinnabar Quilt!!  This pattern is particularly special to me - inspired by the desert where this picture was taken :)

Several months ago, my grandmother passed away.  I spent a lot of time reflecting on things and this quilt is the result of that reflection.  She lived just a block away from the desert preserve where the quilt pattern cover picture was taken, on Cinnabar Avenue.

This pattern comes in two sizes, Twin and Throw.

Cinnabar Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean

I wanted the colors and shapes of this quilt to reflect not only the desert, but the night time desert sky.  All colors are Kona Cotton and listed from top to bottom:

  • Light Parfait
  • Seafoam
  • Cerise
  • Deep Rose
  • Terracotta
  • Natural

Cinnabar Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean

These Cinnabar blocks are BIG!  Like 24 inches big!  And they are made up entirely of half square triangles. As much as I dislike trimming them, they are really the most versatile block in the quilting world!!

Cinnabar Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean

I decided to send this quilt out for a spa treatment, and Kayla of Patchwork River Quilting did a gorgeous job!!  I could not believe how beautiful it was when it arrived!  Kayla's work is beautiful!

Those bunnies on the back (In the thicket in dawn by Bonnie Christine) are also a nod to Cinnabar Avenue.  Being so close to the preserve, we always saw cute desert bunnies when visiting :)

Thank you so much for reading along.  I hope you enjoy the pattern!!

Cinnabar Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean

Questions?  Comments?  I love to hear from you!  
I also love to see your work!  Please use #cinnabarquilt and #nolliebeanpatterns when sharing on instagram.
Xoxo ~Jenni

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