The Clarendon Quilt Pattern is here!!

Aster Quilt - The Green One

Aster Quilt Pattern

I am particularly fond of this quilt and will definitely be keeping it for myself.  The Aster Quilt block is one that I have been thinking about since I began quilting.  I wanted to design a quilt that had a traditional block feel while capturing the simple beauty of desert plants.
After drawing out several iterations, I settled on this layout and began testing. Once I made the first block, I knew right away it was exactly what I was hoping for!

Aster Quilt - The Green One

The Fabric Pull

This fabric pull has so many things that I love!  First, the color! Some Collection CF by Carolyn Friedlander, Add it Up by Alexia Abegg (probably my favorite go-to basic), Kona Cotton, and plenty of Essex Linen.
This quilt might be the fastest that I've pieced a large quilt.  This quilt is the large throw size and it measures 75" x 75"
Aster Quilt Pattern
The Quilting!  I had a lot of *fun* practicing free motion quilting with this quilt with some loopy stipling.  The thing is, it does not look great up close while you are doing it - at least not for me.  I second guessed my decision the entire time I was quilting this beast, thinking I had messed up an otherwise gorgeous quilt.  Then I finished, stepped back to see it as a whole, and loved it......for the most!  
What I mean is that I know where my mistakes are.  I know I'll continue to love this quilt, even as I get better with my free motion quilting.  And, there's only one way to get better....practice!!
I backed this quilt with an Ikea duvet cover.  For quilts that I'm keeping for my family, I really like either using sheets or duvets.  They are economical and don't need piecing!  Win-Win!!  Plus, sometimes you can find unique prints like this one, and the best part about the duvet covers is that you can get two backings out of the one cover!
Aster Quilt Pattern   Aster Quilt Pattern  
Photographing!!  When I was first working through the design of this pattern, I had really wanted to take the pictures of the finished quilts at the beautiful Desert Botanical Gardens with a good friend.  However, before I was even able to ask her about it, COVID-19 had struck and we're all in self-quarantine to help stop the spread.
It's been far too long since we've been able to see our friends and family, and I'm very much looking forward to better days ahead.
In the meanwhile...we decided to pack a picnic dinner and drive into the desert and see what we could find. 


In addition to some gorgeous desert plants and blooms, we found a desert toad, a tarantula, gorgeous rocks, and a natural hot spring.  


We took a bunch of pictures, and the ones that caught me in mid-quilt-billowing are down right hilarious.  




Aster Quilt Pattern
Aster Quilt Pattern
Aster Quilt Pattern
Quilts are heavy!
Aster Quilt Pattern
I'm fairly certain I see something on the ground that I'm not a fan of in this picture.
Aster Quilt Pattern
Great news!  No desert critters climbed into the quilt while I had it laying on the ground.  About half way home, I got really nervous that we'd find an unauthorized guest in the quilt when we unrolled it.  Thankfully, that did not happen :)
Aster Quilt Pattern
I've made three Aster Quilts so far and have one more to go!  
You can read more about the inspiration and process behind the pattern here.
Aster Quilt Pattern
I have one more Aster Quilt planned and the little guy has claimed it for his own. I decided to pick fabrics that are way outside of my comfort zone so this will be an interesting process.  Keep on the look out for another post about that quilt!
If you're interested in making an Aster Quilt of your own, you can find the pattern in the shop!
Aster Quilt Pattern
Aster Quilt Pattern

Questions?  Comments?  I love to hear from you.
I also love to see your work!  Please use #asterquilt and #nolliebeanpatterns when sharing on instagram
Xoxo ~Jenni
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