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Primrose Bundle
Primrose Bundle
Primrose Bundle

Primrose Bundle

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Primrose Bundle

A fun mix of 11 fabrics:

  • Primrose in Light
  • Zip in Lemon
  • Kona in Light Parfait
  • Poises in Hunter Green
  • Add it Up in Soft Aqua
  • Menagerie Champaign in Mint
  • Primrose in Cream
  • Tapestry Dot in Rifle Red
  • Speckled in Strawberry Metallic
  • Kona in Salmon
  • Warp and Weft | Flicker in Lilac

*Each fat quarter is approximately 18x22 inches.

*Yardage is also available, please inquire or check Fabric by the Yard.

Bundle is available in fat quarter, half yard or full yard options.  Please select from the drop down menu.