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Primrose Bundle
Primrose Bundle
Primrose Bundle

Primrose Bundle

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Primrose Bundle

A fun mix of 11 fabrics:

  • Primrose in Light
  • Zip in Lemon
  • Kona in Light Parfait
  • Poises in Hunter Green
  • Add it Up in Soft Aqua
  • Menagerie Champaign in Mint
  • Primrose in Cream
  • Tapestry Dot in Rifle Red
  • Speckled in Strawberry Metallic
  • Kona in Salmon
  • Warp and Weft | Flicker in Lilac

*Each fat quarter is approximately 18x22 inches.

Bundle is available in fat quarter, half yard or full yard options.  Please select from the drop down menu.