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The Northview Quilt Pattern. A FREE pattern!

The Northview Quilt | A modern quilt pattern by Nollie Bean

Hi there friends!  I could not be more excited to share the Northview Quilt Pattern with you!!  And guess what - its a free pattern!

You can pick up your free copy of the Northview quilt pattern here!

Yep, that’s right!  I’m so excited to share this free pattern with you!  

Pattern Details:

This pattern comes in two size options - baby and throw.  It’s yardage, fat quarter and scrap friendly and comes together fast!  The Northview Quilt pattern is the perfect pattern to make as a first quilt — or even a 100th quilt.

This quilt pattern uses very simple piecing and simple blocks and gives off some vintage charm vibes :)

The Northview Quilt Pattern - Free Quilt Pattern

About the Northview Quilt Pattern:

Inspiration can strike just about anywhere!  I work in a municipal building - which are not always known for their striking visual appearance…. And, I have been seeing the same, drab black and grey tile in the restrooms for years.  Now, I’m very much a doodle-er anytime I am on a phone call.  Sometimes its little bubbles around words in my notes, something in the margin of a paper, or I’ll grab a post-it note and just draw.

One day without even realizing it, I started drawing the boring and repetitive tile formation and that it the moment I thought this could be a cool quilt with some color and a few adjustments!  

Trust me….if you haven’t been quilting long, give yourself time and you will begin seeing quilts EVERYWHERE!

Anyway, I started to play around with the layout - I decided on a diagonal flow - and got going with the math.  What size should the blocks be?  How much white space between them?  Can this be sized to use fat quarters?  All the fun things!!!

Once I had my rough calculations finished, I sewed up a test baby size and I knew it was worth pursuing :)

Also, I decided right away that I wanted to offer this pattern as a free pattern.  It's fun, simple and easy to make.  A perfect pattern for someone who is new and learning or for someone looking for a fast finish.  I also love the Northview’s vintage, scrappy charm :). And I hope you do too!! 

The Northview Quilt Pattern - Free Quilt Pattern

Making your Quilt:

If you’re looking to make a version just like the throw size I made, you can pick up an Herb Garden bundle and pair it with some Kona Snow for the background!

Cutting out your fabric pieces is pretty straight forward for this quilt - you’ll be cutting out rectangles of your main fabrics and squares of your background — easy peasy!!

Next, we’ll get to mixing up all of those rectangles!  I took a rather unorthodox approach at mixing up my fabrics.  I decided to make a reel for Instagram that required me to throw my fabric pieces at the wall.  It felt equal parts funny and ridiculous to do, but in the end it’s a funny reel. Anyway, the act of doing this a couple times to get the right shot, perfectly mixed my fabrics up and I just reorganized them into neat piles of pairs.

Typically, I sit at my table or counter and lay my fabric out in front of me and mix it all up into nice organized piles…lol!  

Once your rectangles are paired up - however you pair them up - sew them together and press the seams.  Then, all of your blocks are finished and it's time to play around with the layout.  Grab all of the background squares you cut out and begin arranging your blocks using the layout guides in the pattern.

Play around with your layout until you are happy with it and be sure to take some pictures for reference.  I always like to also view my pictures with a black and white filter.  This will let you see the richness and saturation of your colors - things you can’t always see with the naked eye.  This will help you make sure you have a nice balance throughout your quilt.

Northview Quilt | A modern quilt pattern by Nollie Bean

Once you are happy with your layout, sew all of your blocks together row-by-row, and then sew all of your rows together, again following the layout guide in the pattern.

There you have it!  Your lovely quilt is finished; time to give yourself a pat on the back and then go take some lovely pictures of all of your efforts!  Once you’ve appropriately celebrated, its time to think about how you would like to quilt your quilt - simple straight lines, a grid, a fancy stitch, or maybe it will get some longarm treatment?

However you decide to quilt it, it will be lovely and cozy!!

The Northview Quilt Pattern - Free Quilt Pattern

I’m so excited to share this quilt pattern with you and hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  If you make a Northview Quilt, I’d love to see it! 

Northview Quilt Pattern | A modern quilt pattern by Nollie Bean

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Happy sewing!!
Xoxo ~Jenni

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