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The Granada Quilt - A FREE modern quilt pattern

Granada Quilt | A modern quilt pattern by Nollie Bean

Drumroll… the Granada Quilt! 

The Granada Quilt might just become your next favorite quilt and the best part is that the Granada Quilt Pattern is FREE!  You can click here to get your copy (and don’t worry, if you keep reading there’s another link at the bottom of this page just for you!)                              

My hope is that this is a pattern you return to time and time again, like grabbing coffee with a good friend.  The quilt finishes as a large throw (63” x 63” square), and can be sewn up in a weekend or possibly even within a day.

The Granada Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern

Inspiration for the Pattern

The Granada Quilt was born out of a new and growing friendship.  I met Rebecca Woolbright last year and she shared with me designs from her first fabric collection that she was working on and asked about developing a quilt pattern for the collection.  Eventide is a black and white collection and I had a lot of fun playing around with designs that let the contrasting colors bounce around.  The final product is the Granada Quilt Pattern.  A playful and fast quilt that comes together quickly and looks great in both colorful and monochromatic color palettes.

Once Rebecca and I were both happy with the design, it was time for me to play around with some color and I immediately went to my favorite two colors – green and orange. 

First up, I selected a two-tone pink and green color palette to mimic the movement from the original black-and-white design.  I added in some linen for texture and played with prints, including some low volume.  And the result is ever so dreamy.

 Granada Quilt | A modern quilt pattern by Nollie Bean

If you know me, then you know that I love a good burnt orange.  So naturally, an orange Granada needed to be made – there was simply no other choice…lol.  For this quilt, I decided to use only solids and select a fairly monochromatic palette.  And honestly, I love it just as much.

The Granada Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern

Picking fabrics for your Granada Quilt 

I would recommend starting with the coloring page included in the pattern and playing around with your colored pencils or fabric scraps to plan your quilt.  The colors are placed in the final design in a way that will create movement.  To help with the flow of that movement, plan your fabrics to alternate in either color, print volume or both.

Below are some example showing a colorful, spring-inspired fabric pull.  Both pictures have the same fabrics and you can see that placement really changes the final look of the quilt.  

Granada Quilt | A modern quilt pattern by Nollie Bean

Start by deciding what fabric you would like to use for Color 9 – the middle sashing of the quilt.  Then, build out from there using the coloring page as your guide.  If you don’t love the look, try changing the arrangement of your fabrics before swapping out selections. 

Side note – Fabric selection is one of my favorite parts of the process.  If this is something that you struggle with or just want to get better at, I’m here for it!  You can always send me an email with any questions!  I’m happy to help any way that I can.

Granada Quilt | A modern quilt pattern by Nollie Bean

Sewing your Granada Quilt

 If you’re reading this blog post when it is posted, I’ll be hosting a quilt-along on Instagram starting on March 13, 2023, and you’re invited to join me!  I’ll host IG live events each Thursday as I sew up my quilt and I’ll be there to answer any quilty questions that you have.

Granada Quilt | A modern quilt pattern by Nollie Bean

The Granada Quilt is a log-cabin inspired quilt that made up of four quadrants.  You’ll sew up some simple strip piecing, building each quadrant as you sew.  Then you’ll sew them together with some sashing pieces and - viola! - your quilt is finished.

In an upcoming blog post, I’ll share some quilting inspiration and tips with you as I quilt up my two Granada Quilts.  Until then, happy sewing!!

xoxo, Jenni

Oh, and click here to get your FREE Granada Quilt Pattern delivered to your inbox.

Granada Quilt | A modern quilt pattern by Nollie Bean

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