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The Avalon Quilt Pattern

Avalon Quilt Pattern | A modern quilt pattern by Nollie Bean

You know those moments in life when everything lines up? (And I don’t mean those days where you spill your coffee, get a chip in your windshield, and mess up an email, all before 8am…I think we’ve all been there).  But rather those mornings where your favorite songs come up, the coffee is PERFECT, and your kids eat all of their breakfast and get dressed on their own BEFORE its time to leave???  Yep, that’s how I feel about the Avalon quilt.

* Is it fat quarter friendly…yep!

* Does it look good in any color way…yep!

* Do the blocks offer up a lovely secondary design…yep!

* It is fun to make…yep!

* Is it one of my favorite star variations…yep!

* I could go on and on, really, I just adore this quilt pattern!

Do you want to make one of your own?  Pick up the pattern!

Avalon Quilt - A Modern Quilt Pattern

The Avalon Quilt has been my very favorite pattern to bring to life and get into your hands.  And after three years of writing quilt patterns, I have finally figured out my workflows…from sample planning to quilt math to fabric purchases to sample making to pattern writing to quilty goodies to quilt pictures to website updates to launch, I feel in a good place with this pattern release! :)

Avalon Quilt - A Modern Quilt Pattern

My quilt patterns always start out as a rough idea that I sketch out - either on graph paper or directly into Illustrator.  This design is a bright, bold start with lots of components to it which meant it needed to be a big block!  A finished Avalon Quilt block measures 18”.  Sometimes it can be a challenge getting bigger blocks to work with fat quarters, but as luck would have it, this one does…leading to so many colorful options!

Avalon Quilt - The Dreamy Green One

Once all of the quilt math was worked out, it was time to sew the test quilt.  I grabbed some lovely green fabrics in my stash that I purchased from The Great Heron Thread Co. and paired them up with my favorite background fabric, Kona in Natural.

Things were definitely lining up in the best way possible for the Avalon Quilt, the dreamy green baby size quilt came together perfectly!

I also brought the quilt top along on a camping trip and was able to capture some lovely photos in the forest!

Avalon Quilt | A modern quilt pattern by Nollie Bean

You only need to make four blocks to finish a baby size Avalon quilt so it comes together fast!  As soon as I finished the last seam of the quilt top, I knew exactly who I would be gifting this quilt to — a friend who loves being outside - maybe even more than I do - and who is expecting a little one towards the end of the year :)

Avalon Quilt - A Modern Quilt Pattern

The Cover Quilt! - The Sonoran Sunrise Version

The next Avalon I finished was the cover quilt.  I pulled together some of my favorite Kona colors to create the palette, then I happily chopped them up and began mixing the colors into groupings that would become my quilt blocks.

Love this quilt?  Make your own with the Sonoran Sunrise Avalon Quilt Kit.

Avalon Quilt | A modern quilt pattern by Nollie Bean


Once the quilt was finished, it was time to drag my loving and supportive family out into the desert for some beautiful pictures.  Honestly, the scenery never disappoints and I am always grateful this natural space is so close to where I live.

There are two additional versions of this quilt - a two-tone color option and a five-color option (modern solid).

Avalon Quilt - A Modern Quilt Pattern

 The Cosmos Avalon

My love of fabric (and math) drew me into quilting.  I love using ALL of the fabric I can in a quilt, but I also love a good two-tone quilt.  They’re simple and stunning, and would you believe I finally had the self control to make one??  Crazy, right??

I almost went black and white - which, trust me, would also be a gorgeous Avalon quilt - but in the end I decided to use the 2022 Kona Color of the Year, Cosmos.   Cosmos is a uniquely vibrant shade of purple and I paired it with Kona Snow - a bright white

Make your own two-tone quilt with the Cosmos Avalon Quilt Kit.


Avalon Quilt - A Modern Quilt Pattern Avalon Quilt - A Modern Quilt Pattern

Modern Solid Avalon in Citrine + Quartz

And last, but definitely not least is the five-color option.  This option is modern, simple and so pretty.  The Citrine + Quartz version includes some more of my all-time favorites.  Kona in Foxglove, Add it Up in Cactus, and there’s some Essex Linen mixed in as well.  

Avalon Quilt | A modern quilt pattern by Nollie Bean

Looking for the Citrine + Quartz Avalon Quilt Kit?  It does not disappoint :)

The Avalon Quilt is so versatile and lets you choose your own quilty adventure - who remembers those “Choose your adventure” books?  I know I would stay up way too late reading them as a kid.  I suppose Avalon is kind of like that…but for a quilt.

Avalon Quilt | A modern quilt pattern by Nollie Bean

However you decide to make your Avalon, it will be truly your own and amazing!  I’m so excited to share this quilt pattern with you and cannot wait to see what you make.  Happy sewing, friends!

Avalon Quilt - A Modern Quilt Pattern

I love to see what you make!  Please use #avalonquilt and #nolliebeanpatterns when you share on Instagram.

Happy sewing!!
Xoxo ~Jenni

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