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State Avenue Sew-along: Week 6

State Avenue Quilt Sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean

Week 6 is here and its time to sew that top! 

Looking to join us?  Grab your copy of the pattern and check out the previous blog posts!
Week 6 is all about the quilt top.  
I have had so much fun working on this sew-along with everyone.  I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's progress.
Here's my finished quilt top. This week. I'm sharing my process to determine the final layout of the quilt.  
State Avenue Quilt Sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean
I start by "randomly" laying out my quilt blocks.  "Random" is in quotes because if I notice two prints right next to each other, I tend to replace them right away.
Once they are laid out randomly, I step back and take a picture both in color and in black and white.  The black and white picture helps me spread out saturation as well as color.  For example, if a green and purple are the same level of saturation, it is easier to spot in black and white compared to color.
Here's a quick time lapse of my layout.  It get's cut off at 30 seconds, so what's missed is a few random block change outs and more pictures.
Here's a few examples of various layouts:
State Avenue Quilt Sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean  State Avenue Quilt Sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean
In this image, I felt there was too much dark saturation in the upper right and too much light saturation in the lower left.
State Avenue Quilt Sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean  State Avenue Quilt Sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean
These images showed me I had a cluster of the lovely purple fruit print in the lower left that needed to be broken up.
I continued on doing this until I felt I had a good balance of color and saturation throughout.
State Avenue Quilt Sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean
Then I sewed my rows together, then the rows into my quilt top!  Yay!!
Congratulations on your finished quilt top!!
Optional Instagram Post and this week's prize!
Post a picture using #stateavenuesal before midnight on Sunday, September 13, 2020 of your work to be entered to win this week's prize!  
This week's prize will be a $30 gift certificate to FabricBubb.  I love shopping at this online fabric store and know you'll find something great for a future quilt or project!!  Make sure your account is public so I can see your post and I'll announce the winner on Instagram next week! 
Marlie Quilts
The Longarm League has partnered with the sew-along!  There's a team of five quilters who are offering 20% off to sew-along participants!  This offer expires on October 31, 2020, so make sure to send your quilts off timely! :)
One of those quilters is Marlo from Marlie Quilts.  Visit her on Instagram @marliequilts.
Marlo lives in Brandon, Mississippi, with her husband and two dogs (a goldendoodle and a “grand dog” golden retriever plus two kitties ...none of which are allowed in her sewing room). She has been quilting for over 30 years and learned from her mom who owned a Bernina store for almost 25 years in the St. Louis area.
When she moved to Mississippi, she was connected with another Bernina store and worked there for 17 years.  During her time there, she was introduced to the longarm quilting world. When Bernina introduced their Q Series machines, she knew she had to bring one home. When the store closed this summer, it was time for Marlo to launch her business.
You can find her on Instagram @marliequilts and she can help you find that perfect design to finish that quilt. 
Marlie Quilts
Happy Sewing!!
State Avenue Quilt Sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean

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