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State Avenue Sew-along: Week 1

Week 1 of the State Avenue Quilt Sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean
Welcome to the State Avenue Sew-along!!!  I'm so happy you're joining us.  This is my first time hosting a sew-along, and I'm excited to see everyone's quilts!
Together, we'll be making a Small Throw quilt top over the next six weeks.  Feel free to work ahead or behind; these blog posts will always be here for reference.
If you would like to have the weekly blog posts emailed to you, you can sign up here!  The emails will be sent out each Monday during the six-week schedule.
Optional Instagram Post for a chance to win prizes!
Each week of the sew-along, there is also a chance for you to win prizes!  Each Monday, I'll post a picture that includes that week's prompt.  To enter, simply post your picture using #stateavenuesal before the following Sunday to be entered to win!
Make sure your account is public so that I can see your post!  This week's prompt will also be at the bottom of this blog post :). Good luck!!
State Avenue Quilt Sew-along hosting by Nollie + Bean
Longarm League Partnership!
I'm very excited to announce The Longarm League has partnered with the sew-along!  There's a team of five quilters who are offering 20% off to sew-along participants!  This offer expires on October 31, 2020, so make sure to send your quilts off timely! :)
I'll be getting to know each of the quilters over the coming weeks and will share a little bit about each of them!  You can follow this link to meet them!
Week 1 is all about the fabric!  
To make the Small Throw quilt top, you'll need:
  • 10 Fat Quarters or 1/4 yards
  • 1/2 Yard for the block corners
  • 1 1/2 yards for the background

Here is my fabric pull that I'll be using during the sew-along.  The top fabric (Kona is Butterscotch) will be used for my block corners and the other fabrics will be mixed and matched. Not pictured is Kona in Natural for the background.


State Avenue Quilt Sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean
This quilt pattern lets you play with colors and patterns!  Once you have all of your fabric cut, it is time to mix and match!!  This is one of my favorite parts!!  
Follow the directions in Step 1 of the quilt pattern to arrange your pieces into blocks.  I always like to make sure I have some high contrast blocks, low contrast blocks, and some "coordinating" blocks.
State Avenue Quilt Sew-Along hosted by Nollie + Bean
Here are some examples.  Full disclosure - I am not an expert in color so I may be using terms inappropriately.  One of the most common questions I'm asked is how I select my fabrics.  This is my favorite part of the process and playing with colors and textures comes naturally to me and I find it difficult to articulate my process.  Please bear with me as I try...
The top examples - in the first one, the fabrics are all of a similar value (or muted feel).  In the second example, the deep purple will pop, but the block will all be the same color.
The second row is the coordination.  It uses a print to tie the color palette together. Often times, I am drawn to a print that I love and then build the quilt palette from that print.  This was definitely the case when selecting fabrics for this quilt!  That print is Lindon's Orchard by Bonnie Christine for her line Her & History.
And in the bottom row, I've selected a the contrast color to mix in.  This palette has an earthy feel to it so I've selected a contrast color that fits the palette, but will also help the eye move around the quilt when it is finished. 
State Avenue Sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean
Once you've mix and matched your fabrics to your heart's content, you're done for the week!  Yay!!!  
Optional Instagram Post and this week's prize!
Post a picture using #stateavenuesal before midnight on Sunday, August 9, 2020 of either your fabric pull or your mix and matched blocks to be entered to win this week's prize!  
This week's prize is a bundle of Nollie + Bean patterns!  You'll receive the PDF pattern of Orangewood and Aster and you'll receive a copy of my next pattern, Cinnabar, that is expected to release in early September.  
Next week:
For those who like to work ahead, next week we will make all of the half square triangles and two blocks!  
Happy Sewing!!
State Avenue Sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean

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