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Five Tips to Organize and Finish your Works in Progress

5 Tips for Staying Organized | A Nollie Bean Quilting Tutorial

Five Tips to Organize and Finish your Works in Progress

Do you find yourself surrounded by half-finished quilt projects, the fabrics gathering dust as your to-do list grows longer and longer? It’s time to unlock the power of productivity and turn those works in progress into completed masterpieces. In this blog post, I will share five essential tips to help you organize your projects and get them finished! 

Tip 1:  Get Organized and create a system

One key to unlocking your productivity and finishing your works in progress is to get organized and create a system that works for you. By setting up a structure for your projects, you can streamline your workflow, track your progress, and ensure that nothing gets lost in the chaos of creativity. 

To start, designate a specific area in your workspace for each project, whether it's a dedicated shelf, drawer, or bin. This will help you keep track of all the fabric and materials you need for each quilt or project, making it easier to jump right back in when you have a spare moment. 

5 Tips for Staying Organized | A Nollie Bean Quilting Tutorial

Keep track of all of your projects in one place and keep it visible.  I don’t know about you, but for me out-of-sight is out-of-mind!  So, I use this quilt tracker to keep track of all of my WIPs and I tape it right in front of my sewing machine!  (Click here to get this quilt tracker emailed to you!)  This way I can quickly see what I have to work on and what needs to be completed for each quilt.

5 Tips for Staying Organized | A Nollie Bean Quilting Tutorial

By implementing a system that works for you, you can minimize the overwhelm of having multiple works in progress and prioritize your projects effectively. With a clear organization system in place, you can free up mental space and energy to concentrate on finishing one project at a time, maximizing your productivity and creativity in the process.

5 Tips for Staying Organized | A Nollie Bean Quilting Tutorial

Tip 2:  Prioritize and Focus on One Project at a Time

Keep track of important dates on a calendar to map out your tasks and deadlines, helping you stay on track and focused.  I often start sewing based on what feels fun and excited for that day, which isn’t always exactly what I should be sewing!

Working on a quilt or project for a friend’s birthday, a new baby or maybe holiday gifts?  It really helps to keep those important milestones and due dates on a calendar rather than trying to keep it all in your head!

5 Tips for Staying Organized | A Nollie Bean Quilting Tutorial

Then, each time you sit down to sew, pick one project to focus on for that day.  And, PRO TIP, when you’re cleaning up for the day, pick out the project you’d like to work on next time and set it out so it is easy to start on.  Hate binding?  Place your quilt that just needs binding on your work surface when cleaning up so that when you step into your sewing space next, it is right there and waiting for you!

Tip 3:  Eliminate Distractions and Stay Focused

To eliminate distractions and stay focused on your current project, it's important to create a conducive work environment free from interruptions. Consider turning off notifications on your phone, blocking distracting websites, or setting specific work hours where you commit to focusing solely on your project. By setting boundaries and creating a distraction-free zone, you can enhance your productivity and make significant progress on your work in progress. Once you've established these habits, you'll find it easier to stay on task and complete your projects efficiently.

This focused approach will also help you eliminate distractions and stay on track with your current project, setting you up for success as you continue to make progress on your works in progress.

5 Tips for Staying Organized | A Nollie Bean Quilting Tutorial

Tip 4:  Find an Accountability Partner

I find it so much easier to pull myself out of bed for an early morning run if I’m either meeting a friend or know that someone is going to ask me about it and the same is true for quilting!  Have a quilty friend?  Share your projects with one another and ask if you’re staying on top of things the way you want to.  Share about your quilting on Instagram or Facebook - just simply telling others about a deadline helps to make it feel real! (But, be sure to give yourself grace if you don’t always hit your goal!)

Consider engaging with a local quilting guild or online quilting community for support and encouragement. Sharing your progress, asking for advice, and celebrating successes with fellow quilters can keep you motivated and accountable. Plus, you'll gain valuable insights and learn new techniques from others in the community.

Tip 5:  Celebrate Your Progress and Stay Motivated

As you continue to make strides on your works in progress, it's essential to take a moment to celebrate your progress and stay motivated. Recognizing your accomplishments, no matter how small, can help fuel your drive to keep moving forward. 

Whether you treat yourself to a small reward, share your progress with others, or simply take a moment to reflect on how far you've come, celebrating your achievements can help boost your motivation and keep you focused on completing your projects. Quilts take a lot of time and effort, and even though quilting might be form a self-care for you, make sure to reward yourself for all of that hard work!!  Funny enough, I usually reward myself with new fabric….lol!!!

5 Tips for Staying Organized | A Nollie Bean Quilting Tutorial

In wrapping up, it's clear that by implementing the five key strategies outlined in this article, you have the power to transform your unfinished quilt projects into completed masterpieces. So take charge today, focus on one project at a time, and watch as your works in progress become finished quilts that showcase your talent and dedication.  Until next time, happy sewing!!!

I always love to see what you make!  Tag me when you share on Instagram and use the hashtag #nolliebeanpatterns.
xoxo. ~Jenni
5 Tips for Staying Organized | A Nollie Bean Quilting Tutorial

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