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Carol Avenue Quilt: The Cozy One

Carol Avenue Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean
This might be the coziest quilt I've ever made!  The quilt top is sewn up with a bundle of woven fabrics called Top Stitch by Diamond Textiles.  
Carol Avenue Quilt by Nollie + Bean
From top to bottom the colors are:
  • Juniper
  • Pale Jade
  • Cream
  • Pink Ginger
  • Sage
  • Blue Suede

I purchased all of the fabrics for this quilt at FabricBubb.

Carol Avenue Quilt by Nollie + Bean

This quilt is the Baby size option of the pattern and seriously sewed up fast!  This quilt might just be the fastest I've made one fro cutting the fabrics to finishing the last stitch of the big stitch binding.

Carol Avenue Quilt by Nollie + Bean

And these wovens really make it the softest, drapiest, coziest quilt ever!  I chose Bonnie Christine's Marrell's Secret Garden to back the quilt and this fabric combination makes me so happy!!   

Thank you so much for reading along! 

Carol Avenue Quilt by Nollie + Bean

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