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Carol Avenue Quilt Pattern

Carol Avenue Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean
The Carol Avenue Quilt is a sister pattern to the Cinnabar Quilt.  I received a lot of positive feedback to the Cinnabar blocks, that I decided to blow them up and dedicate a quilt entirely to the design :)
Several months ago, my grandmother passed away.  I spent a lot of time reflecting on things and this quilt, along with the Cinnabar quilt, is the result of that reflection.  She lived just a block away from the desert preserve and this block is my inspired by the stars under the desert sky.
Carol Avenue Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean
This pattern comes in three sizes, and I decided to make the Throw size for the cover.  When selecting fabrics, I was looking for a dusty rose vibe and I loved this combination of fabrics together!
Carol Avenue Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean
If you're looking for a fast finish - this pattern is great!  It comes together so quickly!  I made this quilt top in a single day, including cutting it all out!
Then I sent the quilt to Kayla to work her magic!
Carol Avenue Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean
Kayla of Patchwork River Quilting did another gorgeous job!!  She picked out the perfect soft rose bud panto!!! I went with another Bonnie Christine fabric for the backing.
Thank you so much for reading along!  I truly hope you enjoy this pattern, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make!
Carol Avenue Quilt Pattern by Nollie + Bean
Questions?  Comments?  I love to hear from you!  
I also love to see your work!  Please use #cinnabarquilt and #nolliebeanpatterns when sharing on instagram.
Xoxo ~Jenni

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