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State Avenue Sew-along: Week 3

State Avenue Quilt sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean:  Week 3

We've made it to week 3!  The prep work is done, we've made a couple test blocks and now we get to sew up 6 blocks this week!  Yay!  

Looking to join us?  Grab your copy of the pattern and check out the previous blog posts!
Week 3 is all about making some blocks!  
Congratulations on getting through all of that trimming last week!  Now everything is cut and prepped and you're ready to dive into making a batch of blocks this week!
Let's talk about how to address directional fabrics this week.  I don't have very many directional fabrics in this pull, but there are a couple.  First, I like to lay them out and determine which direction I would like them to run in the quilt.  Some directional fabrics have an obvious direction, but others let you decide if you'd like them to run horizontal or vertical.
State Avenue Quilt sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean:  Week 3
My fabric pull has two directional prints - the lavender waves and the tan triangles.  A quick note on the inner rectangles - you may need to cut out a couple extra rectangles since they will all be cut in the same direction.  For me, I don't mind having a couple of these running in different directions so I won't make any additional cuts.
It is easy enough to layout the center pieces to achieve your desired direction, so let's talk about the flying geese.  It is simple to maintain direction using the four-at-a-time method by paying attention to two details.
State Avenue Quilt sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean:  Week 3
1.  When you mark your squares, lay them all in the same direction.  Mark two squares from the upper left and the other two from the upper right (see upper left in picture above).
2.  Then pin and sew the two squares marked from the upper left following Step 3 of your pattern (see upper right in picture above).
3.  After you cut along the marked line and press, you will place the two squares marked from the upper right (see lower right in picture above).  You can flip the fabric to double check that your directions will match once pressed open (see lower left in picture above).  Pin and sew finishing the instructions of Step 3 of your pattern.
Once they are cut and pressed, you will have a set of flying geese that you can sew onto your block maintaining the fabric's direction! :)
State Avenue Quilt sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean:  Week 3
Next week I'll walk through my process for making a stack of State Avenue blocks. This quilt is my 5th State Avenue and I've developed a process that is almost second-nature now. :)
State Avenue Quilt sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean:  Week 3
Optional Instagram Post and this week's prize!
Post a picture using #stateavenuesal before midnight on Sunday, August 23, 2020 of your beautiful blocks to be entered to win this week's prize!  
This week's prize will be a set of 5 handmade soaps!  While this may seem like an unconventional sew-along prize, one thing 2020 has taught me is that we still need to make time for small luxuries.  Make sure your account is public so I can see your post and I'll announce the winner on Instagram next week!  
Rainy Day Stitching
The Longarm League has partnered with the sew-along!  There's a team of five quilters who are offering 20% off to sew-along participants!  This offer expires on October 31, 2020, so make sure to send your quilts off timely! :)
One of those quilters is Ranae from Rainy Day Stitching.  Visit her on Instagram at @rainy_day_stitching or email her at
She lives in a small town outside Tuscaloosa, Alabama with her husband and three children (2 of which are already sewing!! 😃). She started quilting about 18 years ago and in addition to quilting, she makes all of her own clothes!!
She has different batting options for her clients to choose from and loves helping quilts come to life by adding the finishing touches. 
Long arm quilting by Rainy Day Stitching
Next week
For those who like to work ahead, next week we will making six more blocks!  I'll share my process for working on several blocks at a time, but feel free to ask any questions you have about the pattern or sewing in general.
Happy Sewing!!
State Avenue Quilt sew-along hosted by Nollie + Bean:  Week 3

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